Q. How Do Filmmakers Submit Their Content? 

A: Filmmakers can submit their content to Lonely Seal Streaming through their official website(s), LonelySealStreaming.com, and SealStream.io. Look for our submission form under our menu’s “Streaming” tab.  

Q: Is Lonely Seal Streaming available worldwide?

A: Yes. We’re available everywhere that allows streaming based in the United States.

Q: Does Lonely Seal Streaming only accept films in English?

A: Of course not. We will consider content from multiple countries made in various languages. 

Q: Does Lonely Seal Streaming only consider feature films?

A: No. We consider feature films, documentaries, shorts, TV and web series, music videos, animation, and podcasts. 

Q: How long does Lonely Seal Streaming take to review my film?

A: It typically takes a few weeks for to review a submission.

Q: Can filmmakers monetize on Lonely Seal Streaming?

A: Yes. Our CPM payout rate for independent content is considerably higher than that of other significant streamers.

Q: Are there any upfront fees or costs associated with submitting?

A: There are no upfront fees or costs to submit content.

Q: How often will I get paid from Lonely Seal Streaming?

A: We pay 60 days after the end of the month in which their content was streamed.

Q: Can filmmakers monetize their films on Lonely Seal Streaming if they have already distributed them?

A: Yes. Lonely Seal Streaming is a non-exclusive platform. 

Q: Does Lonely Seal Streaming offer any marketing support?

A. Yes. We provide marketing support for selected films.

Q: Can filmmakers control the ad placement?

A: No, but Lonely Seal Streaming ensures ads are strategically placed within appropriate breaks.

Q: Can filmmakers remove their films from Lonely Seal Streaming?

A: Yes. Filmmakers can request the removal of their films by giving us a 30-day written notice.

Q: Are all films accepted eligible for monetization?

A: Lonely Seal Streaming considers many films, but not all qualify for monetization. Specific guidelines and content policies are in place.